Contractual Services

Mundus offers a complete range of educational services to schools, corporations, government and not-for-profit organizations. Training covers a full range of needs from curriculum design and implementation, to individual training sessions and on-site courses bearing academic credit.

Services are customized to your specific needs and include training your trainers, working with your IT department, curriculum development, guest lecturing, and/or complete course delivery. Fees are customized to your organization's requirements and depend on the commitment required -- daily, weekly, monthly, or for an entire semester.

Mundus creative services include knowledge engineering, design and development of custom e-learning systems, production of digital multi-media programs, textbook authorship, graphic design, web-based solutions, and development of course-specific assessment and testing tools.

Mundus technology solutions are based on cutting edge artificial intelligence research and development, continually raising the bar for learning system design and delivery.

For information about Mundus's contractual services, contact: