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Mundus is a leading global provider of educational software, textbooks, testing aids, and teaching tools, for career development and training. Mundus has recruited and continues to service licensed distributors throughout Europe, Africa, the Pacific Rim, Asia, and South America, with a client base spanning 83 countries on five continents.

The company was formed in 1975 as Mundus Education Division, a subsidiary of Mundus Enterprises, Inc. Mundus opened three college campuses in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area in 1978, and began licensing its curriculum and teaching materials to other training institutes, colleges, and enterprises. In 1982, Mundus introduced proprietary computer-based learning systems for the major airline data systems and, in 1984 introduced a comprehensive hotel/resort training system. By 1990, Mundus had licensed 92 tourism and hospitality education centers throughout the United States.

Mundus began expanding globally in 1990. Mundus software, textbooks, testing, and teaching materials are presently distributed in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America, and used by more than 18,000 educational institutions, training centres, government entities, and profit-making enterprises. Mundus now offers a complete range of educational services, from curriculum design and implementation, to individual training sessions and on-site course delivery.

To inquire about investment and ownership opportunities, contact: admin@mundusonline.com

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