Today's global business environment is fast-paced and rapidly changing. Each year, it becomes increasingly more difficult for employers to undertake the training of new entrants into the work place. The parallel growth in the use of sophisticated technologies has complicated this situation. At the same time, businesses and their customers throughout the world have become more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, and more demanding than at any previous time in history.
     Educational institutions have a higher obligation than just training people to perform specific jobs. All of us who are involved in career education must also help learners understand social, organizational,
and technological systems; allocate resources; make effective decisions; apply technology to specific tasks; and work, communicate, and interact with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
     Teachers, students, and employers must work together to achieve a commitment to lifelong learning and the dedication to the highest standards of integrity, service, and professionalism . . . not only in the workplace, but in all aspects of personal endeavor.

Dr. Dennis L. Foster
Mundus Institute

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