Mundus Institute was founded in 1974 as Mundus Education Division, a subsidiary of Mundus Travel, Inc. (presently Carlson-Wagon Lits). After developing a vocational curriculum for travel agent and airline reservations training, Mundus Education Division opened three campuses. In 1980, the company began licensing its curriculum and teaching materials to other training institutes, colleges, and training centers. In 1982, Mundus Education Division introduced proprietary computer based learning systems for the major airline data systems and in 1983, introduced a comprehensive hotel/resort training curriculum. By 1986, the institute had established 92 tourism and hospitality education centers throughout the United States and Canada. In 1988, Mundus Education Division became a solely owned subsidiary of Franchise Associates International, Inc., operating as Mundus Colleges. Mundus Institute now offers learners the opportunity to pursue vocational programs online in the fields of travel and tourism, hospitality, business administration, marketing and sales, law office administration, health care administration, and aviation technology.

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